Problem with steering mode direction and speed control

Hello dear friends

I am involved in a project which use to control a rc car with pixhawk 4 ardurover.

my speed cotnroller is Hobeywing max 8 150 A which supports braking and reverse mode.
in order to start using this esc, I need first to center the throttle (if I directly connect the receiver to the esc) turn the esc on and then move the throttle to most forward and most backward position so the esc gets the definition of each throttle postion.

As I need to connect the esc in to pixhawk output for my project, what I did for callibrating it was to swithch in to manual mode, arm the pixhawk center the throttle, turning on the esc, pushing throttle most forward and then most backward. it then callibrated and now it works fine.

the problem rose when I switched in to steering mode. in this mode vehicle suddenly starts to move bakcward and it only stops if we swithc in to manual mode and put the throttle on middle (it switches in to hold mode but does not stop).

I read about steering mode but I could not get any thing and the question rose in my mind that does this mode supports reverse movement or it is only used for forward move?

This is likely due to the Forward/Reverse with Brake mode that ESC has. That’s not what you want but I see the only other choice is Forward/Brake with no reverse.

Why use Steering Mode?

I am interested in controlling the velocity instead of putting throttle value on the motor.
also I need the brake and reverse motion since sometimes you stuck in positions which the only way to get out of, is to move back!


some guess has raised in my mind

I am going to test them and report it here


Dear all

I reported an issue about steering mode

it was because when callibrating the radio, I forgot to center the throttle (which is to be known as trim value positon) before finishing it.

It is working fine by now!