Problem with PX4 mini output channel 1 - 2

Hi my friends,

i open this topic because I have some problem with my esc or, probably I think, a problem with two output channel on my PX4 mini.

But before start explaining my problem I give you some information about the hardware:

4 ESC 40A BL Heli Dshot 1200
PX4 mini connected with radio module Flysky PPM SBUS
one 3S battery
Other components two GPS, Mini Osd, Telemetry Antenna, buzzer.

In a first time all work great and I did a esc calibration through BL Heli suite without problem. In the suite i could see all 4 ESCs and their configuration.

In a second time I changed the outputs to return the connection of the motors according to the scheme that I found in the documentation in the section dedicated to the verification of the motors.

Since I was a bit confused with the connections, I tried again all the Esc and the motors by connecting them directly to the receiver by changing the protocol from PPM to PWM. Everything worked fine.

When I reconnected the Escs respecting the sequence A B C D (not the sequence 1 - 3 - 2 - 4) only the output channels 3 and 4 of the Mini PX4 worked while 1 and 2 did not. Even in the BLHeli suite, only two ESCs of the four are seen.

I am afraid I have damaged the Pixhawk even if I don’t understand how.

Has anyone had a similar problem? He’s done? If you could use outputs 5 and 6 to test the system?