Problem with PM wiring

It’s been at least a couple of years since I’ve been flying, I think the last version I ran was 3.3. I’m now with 4.0.0

It’s a new build.

For the most part good, for a first flight. But I got a low battery warning, the first I have for RTL and the second at land.

When It triggered for RTL, I hadn’t expected it, seemed a little early. so I freaked a little when it started to climb only a couple of meters away from where I had started.

But it peeled off fairly strongly to the right and I had no control because it was in RTL. It went into land before crashing.

But in the logs, I saw that the batt low tripped earlier than it should. Volt was higher than VoltR, and it seems it used VoltR to trigger the battery low…

I am calibrating the current resistor, since it’s a hex rotor, the standard resistor doesn’t give me the range. So I use a short piece of copper wire. But I might have the two leads mixed up, One goes to the battery and the other goes to the ESC. I thought I had them right, but if I’m not mistaken, VoltR should be higher than Volt under load rigth?

I’d include log, but can’t find where to do that…

My bad. It seems that VoltR IS the more stable value with raw Volt changing with load (as you would expect)

I needed to change battery failsafe source to VoltR to avoid early trip of BATT_FS. It was set to Raw

Still checking log to see why drone headed out so strongly to the right… I waited for a good GPS fix, but it might have had Home several meters from the real starting point.