Problem with overshoot on Roll and Pitch with a larger X8 drone


I have this problem with a larger drone:

Orange Cube
Ardupilot 4.07
29" Propellers

The Pilot mentioned, that during the auto mission the drone started overpush hard on pitch and roll. He than switched back to Althold and could land it safely. He mentions, that this happend before, but only in Loiter or Auto Mode, not Althold.

I checked the logfiles, but I´m sure, where the problem could be. Maybe someone with more experience can have a look, I would greatly appreciate this.

best regards

That is a very large and expensive drone. Have you followed the “tuning process instructions” and have you set up the “dynamic notch filter”?

It has been a while, when the pilot received the drone, it did not receive the notch filter, but we followed the tuning instructions. But ofcourse, there could have been a mistake we did, about the tuning.

It’s not enabled. Before configuring that you should update to current Stable and enable EKF3. You are on an older firmware revision, improvements and advancements have been made.