Problem with Loiter -> motors off?

Hi all,

today I “reactivated” my Hexacopter as I´ve found some time :smiley:
But there is a problem in Loiter Mode …

First my setup:
Orientation: HexaX
Motor: Suppo 2212/13
ESC: SimonK 30A
Prop.: 9x4,7“
Lipo: 3S/5000 mAh
Telemtry: 3DR Telemery 433MHz
Sonar: MB1200
GPS: External NEO-6M GPS; internal disabled
Radio: Frsky

the problem:
after some normal flying in Stable-mode, which worked without any problems, I switched to Loiter-mode.
During Loiter-mode suddenly it seems that the motor´s switched off and came back very fast …
This happened two times…
What can be the reason for this behavior ?

Greetings from Germany

Software ist V3.01
Loiter P ist set to 0,500

Please check the behavior in ALT HOLD. If it behaves the same, check your vibration levels.
I had a very similar behavior when I had high vibration levels.
Also, the transition between STAB and LOIT should be done while hovering. The effect you describe, likes to occur especially, when you switch while climbing.

I will try that, next time on the field.
But I don´t think that the vibration level ist too high.
The Props are all balanced, and without them, there are almost no vibrations.

greetings from Germany

also, if alt hold is very aggressive then it can do same kind of behaviour. Basically it is fully alt hold problem.

Take the logs and see when exactly the copter slows motors aggressively and compare it to baro changes. You will probably see that there was large change at that moment and copter throttled down to fix height difference.

also vibration could be the problem, but i do not think chances are big. I had vibration problems aswell and that made it less accurate but not jumpy.