Problem with compass RM3100

I updated one of my machines today to latest 4.0.3 stable release. Everything went well and it flew good. Didn’t touch anything upgrading from 3.9.11.

Finally i was able to put a drotek RM3100 compass to work, i calibrted it and it was successful with very low off sets. Right after calibration i went to mission planner tuning and selected mx, my and mz , to look at how the axis where moving during rotations. I noticed i have a BIG interaction between axis. If for example i rotate the copter on the table i see 2 axis moving by about the same amount, while i was expecting that each axis would have moved on the screen only when the drone was rotated along that axiz. Basically what i see is interaction. I than test flew it and it did pretty well in flight (loiter rock solid with no sign of toilet bowl) but EKF for compass was all over the place.
I have authomatic correction and fix of axis enabled, could it be it doing some strange things? Tomorrow i’ll try an inflight calibration and see if it gets better.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So far I’ve had the most luck with in-flight calibration. I’m curious if that will fix your issue.

Thanks, will try that today and let you know. Do you have the auto orientation option enabled?