Problem with BLHeli Telemetry

Hello all,

Another problem, this time with the BLheli Telemetry.

I could make it work in some prototypes using a Tmotor 4 in 1 f45 ESC and FC matek f405 SD.

Now I am trying with another prototypes that use Cubes Orange and Blacks with mini carrier boards and the Same ESC’s. I followed but no luck. Maybe is the Baudrate?

Hello, I still could not make it to work. I have done all that is in the guide but no luck.

Any help?

Usually problems are related to either not using the AUX outputs or setting SERVO_BLH_MASK wrongly

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Have you got a .bin log or param file to look at?

Hello, thanks for the reply. What I have this time is a quadcopter and I set SERVO_BLH_AUTO to 1. I am using the same parameters that worked for other quadcopters using a Tmotor 4 in 1 f45 ESC and FC matek f405 SD. The only change is now I am using a Cube on a small CB.

1.param (18.4 KB)

Here it is. Thanks for the help.

Set SERVO_BLH_MASK to 3840 - the problem is on the cube the IOMCU makes the motor mapping a little different.

Hello, I just dis and It does not work :frowning:

And the ESCs are connect to the AUX outputs?

No, they are connected to the normal 1,2,3,4 motor ports in the mini carrier board.

No support for BLHeli on those ports as they are connected to the IOMCU. I’m not sure how you get at the aux ports on the mini carrier board.

When you figure it out you also need to set the motors on SERVO9 - SERVO12 as those are for the aux outputs

I am using these port for something else already :confused:

Does it mean that I cannot use Dshot neither?


This is all documented in the wiki - did you try reading that?

Yes, I went trough the BLheli_32 telemetry and passthrough sections:

But I did not see anything saying that The cube with mini CB cant use it. Could you please indicate me where should I read?

Those are not links to our wiki


I meant these 2:

I do not know what the others are but they look like copies or the wiki or something

Thanks a lot.

I have set now the parameter

MOT_PWM_TYPE 1 For Oneshot

SERIAL2_PROTOCOL 16 Cause I am connecting the ESC telemetry wire to the RX of the telemetry 2



I have seen that the passthrough only works if Im using Dshot, but should at least the telemetry work?

Nope telemetry requires dshot I am afraid