Problem when changing laptop PC

I have a strange problem with my new portable PC.
When I launch a mission in Auto mode it does not execute it stops, I tried with version 1.70 and 1.72 exactly the same. the old PC and it works again from what could it come from ?

Error messages, dataflash log, and preferably Mission planner logs ?

Normally there is theft with the old PC and the new PC on this .log (Fly.log)
and here the mission planner log ( Mission)

I specify that I did not have an error message it marks me waypoint 1 and that’s all.

On the other hand I noticed something strange when I connect with my new PC the transfer of the parameters is done very very slowly slower than the old PC. Could it be that there is a communication speed problem which causes the mission to be stopped?

I updated all the drivers that I could update on the PC before trying again and I still have the same problem the mission is not carried out it marks mission waipoint 1 and stops immediately without move and no other message.
I also always have the problem of always slow transfer speed, although I am using 115200Baud in the connection?

No nobody has any idea where the problem could come from ?

It looks like somebody from your gcs sets mode BRAKE (MODE.Rsn = 2). Quick look at the code MP showed that only 2 ways to do it: button “set mode” and scripts (but I not expert in MP and can be another way).
File *.tlog or console in MP can contain more information