Problem in 3dr

hi my friends

i have a 3dr radio telemetry but it drive not connect in the my pc
not connect in mac and windows 7 ultimo and window 7 xp !!
why ?
pleas help me < what do i do ?

Not enough data…
What are you doing (step by step)?
What is the result (screenshot if necessary)?

Hi again
I have 3dr 433mhz and radio futaba T6EX and APM 2,6
My radio control when is connected to APM , My 3dr radio is disconnected and my 3dr when is connected my radio controller is disconnected !!
Pleas help me

I’m sorry, I don’t understand you…

I have 3dr telemetry 433mhZ
APM 2.6
Radio futaba T6EX
I am when the 3dr radio connecting to APM my ESC is disconnected and ESC when the connecting to APM my 3dr radio is disconnected !!
My 3dr ansd My ESC is not connecting together in the one time!!
Ok ? Are you understand ? :slight_smile: