Problem following the track


I am using a Foxtech Nimbus VTOL on 3.9.5 and during my survey, the plane was nearly everytimes 10m on the side of the track.

You will be able to find the two kmz here :

I was wondering if anyone got this issue before, it was quite a long flight, following the terrain with 25-35km/h of wind from the west- south west.

If you need the logs, I can share it a bit later, my connection is very bad



edit : PS you will find the parameters list here, maybe some settings are not strict enough :

I recommend bumping up your L1 parameters. This will help keep it on track in higher winds and turns as well.


Hi Ryan,

By bumping up L1 parameters, you mean increasing the default value of NAVL1_PERIOD and NAVL1_DAMPING?



Have carried out an auto Tune?

Hi Marty

No i haven’t carried an auto-tuned.

It was already tuned when I bought it and it flies really well appart from very quick turns, like form 0 degrees to 30-35 in a quarter of a second.

I sent a mail to Foxtech about it, will let you know


Hi Benjamin,
I should have read your original post more carefully, I understand that there is a bit more to tuning a quadplane than a simple fixed wiing.
I’ve seen posts before reporting similar parallel tracking issues with a Skywalker which was improved by careful flight tuning.
I hope Foxtech can sort you out.
Rgds Martin.