Problem flashing to OmnibusF4pro

I’m having trouble trying to flash firmware to my OmnibusF4pro. I downloaded the current Ardu hex, am using the current Betaflight configurator, putting the F4 in DFU, but when i select “load from local” the firmware doesn’t load in the firmware flasher. i have even tired to flash it on the iNav configurator and get the same results. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jeff, did you downloaded the file called “arduplane_with_bl.hex” ?

Yes. It’s strange that the fw wont load in the flasher. I’ve never had trouble before. i flashed Betaflight done full erase and flashed Inav on it and they both worked great, so i don’t think its the FC.

What betaflight version do you use ? Version 10.2.0 works for me fine

Yes I updated to the new version of Betaflight. I even downloaded the regular desktop configurator instead of using the chrome app.