Problem after esc calibration

So during esc calibration, the configuration was incredible, it has a instantaneous response time, and the motors follow very well the throttle stick. Then, after starting up again to exit the calibration mode from pixhawk, I armed to test.

But no longer had the same configuration. I’ve been researching, and some people said that what I did would only get the maximum and minimum throttle.

Should I remove the escs from the pixhawk, and do the calibration esc by esc using the receiver,but if I did that would the configuration stick when connecting to pixhawk?

In conclusion, how do I make the esc and motors behave they way they do when in calibration mode while connected to pixhawk?

How are you testing? Bench testing and expecting motor response to match RC throttle input is not always going to work. Stabilise mode often can, but even that can be unreliable. The flight controller knows it is not flying.
If you’ve done all other calibrations, and ESC calibration worked, and motor order and spin directions are correct -> the only way to know for sure is to go out and try flying.

So there is no way to match the level of control I had while in calibration mode?Because it was very good, the motors matched the throttle perfectly

That’s because it’s simply passthrough. If the Motors “matched the throttle perfectly” during regular flight, under PID control, it would crash immediately.

okay, so right now my parameters are :

RC3_DZ 30
RC3_MAX 2006
RC3_MIN 982
RC3_TRIM 982

And after reaching middle, there isn’t any increase to throttle. How do I change these parameters to a good rc control?

You don’t. What occurs on the bench with no props is meaningless. Put props on and fly it. Assuming you have done all mandatory calibrations and set the initial tuning parameters.

The title of this post should be “motors acting as expected while bench testing w/o props”.

so my max throttle at middle is normal?

You are missing the point. During ESC calibration the motors are simply under passthru control or direct PWM control. During any other time, except for running the Motor Test function in Mission Planner or another application, they are under PID loop control. In this case on the bench with no feedback from the Flight Control sensors from commanded action the response from the motors can appear random. Speed up, slow down, max out, run away, etc. It MEANS NOTHING.

Okay, I understand.

So just for clarification, if after all the right procedures(all the calibrations,including radio and esc calibration) when I connect my transmitter to pixhawk, after reaching middle stick position, I don’t receive anymore response from the motors, it’s normal and there isn’t something I can do to make maximum be at top stick position?

It’s normal and there is no point in expecting the motors to reach max under this condition. Or reach anything other than “they spin and what direction they spin in”. If for some reason you wanted to reproduce what you saw during ESC calibration use Mission Planners Motor Test Function and input increasing throttle percentages.