Preview Mission Waypoints

Hi All,

I’m a newbie on mission planner. I am able to do simple missions but would like to know if there is a way to preview mission waypoints on mission planner (windows) before going to the field to fly the plane. Would save me time and effort is the mission does not work as planned.



Hello Ray,
yes, you can use the simulator built in with Mission Planner.
Choose the 5th tab from the left “Simulation”, then choose the plane icon (in the bottom).
This will start a simulation environment which you can interact with as if it was a “real” flight controller, complete with parameter setting, creating and uploading flight plans, running missions and such.

As you start it, it should start to connect automatically to the so-called “SITL” instance (Software in the loop). In case Mission Planner does not connect to the simulated plane, try a manual connect (top-right) with “Auto”.
Once connected, try out things - without breaking your plane.

To stop the simulator, simply disconnect and then close the “DOS-Window” MP opened in the background.

The docs also have more info:

Hope this helps.

Thank you Camti

I am going to try your suggestion today. Yesterday our test did not go well. So I need to find out what happened.



Thank you for the hints. I do have a question about the parameters. I have parameters for an aircraft that I would like to use with previewing my missions.

Can I load the parameters on the Configuration page after starting the Sim?

Thanks in advance.




To preview my mission using the simulation in the loop, I had to insert a TAKEOFF as the first command in my mission. I did not know this so maybe this will help someone