Prearm: Logging failed Pixhawk

Hi all, I am currently using Pixhawk 2.4.8 and Mission Planner v4.0.3. However i am facing an issue with the logging failed issues but i cant figure out the problem.
I have tried a couple of different methods:

  1. change SD card to 32GB
  2. tried setting LOG_BACKEND_TYPE to File/Mavlink/Block and neither works.
  3. Changing firmware to v4.0.1

Is there other solution methods I can try? Thanks in advance!

Format the SD card and retry

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Hi amilcarlucas,

it works!!! thank you haha rookie mistake thanks so much!

Hi amilcarlucas,

The problem happens again. I did not do anything at all except formatting the SD card. It suddenly says Prearm: logging failed again. Do you know why?

same problem is happening with me please help??

Update to ArduCopter 4.1.1, make sure the card is correctly inserted.

thanks ,i will try it