PreArm fail - Pixhawk/Compass mounted opposite direction

Hi Guys

I am building a bigger hexa at the moment.
Had to mount the Pixhawk facing into backward direction of the copter (needed outputs facing to the front). GPS/Compass-module is mounted on a mast and is facing in forward direction (so 180° opposite to Pixhawk).

Now when I try to arm the copter, mission planer tells me: “compasses inconsistent”.

If tried to let the compass look also in backward direction, put AHRS_ORIENTATION to “Yaw180” (to match FC mount direction). No success.
Tried several COMPASS_ORIENTATION values with the AHRS_ORIENTATION still “YAW180” and checked via log.
Nothing lead to successfully arming without “compasses inconsistent” problem.

Someone any advice?

Thanks in advance!

I just built a quad with this configuration - pixhawk backwards and external GPS/Compass on a mast facing forwards. This setup seems to be working, there are no messages and it arms, but I haven’t tried flying it yet.

I set AHRS_ORIENTATION to 4 and all COMPASS_ORIENT to 0. Compass setting under Initial Setup is Manual: ROTATION_NONE.

Have you done the compass Live Calibration under Initial Setup:Compass?