PreArm: Compasses inconsistant

Pixhawk 3DR
Compasss/GPS 3DR
TBS frame
740Kv motors
Power module 3DR

I can calibrate the compass/GPS module and fly with no problem but when I reboot the next day I always get this error. I am using MP 1.3.17, firmware 3.2.1. I received this Pixhawk last Nov. (2014). Is this a hardware issue?

I’m not sure what error you seeing and where? Do you have a screenshot?
Its unlikely a hardware issue.
You should also upgrade your MissionPlanner to the latest version.
Thanks, Grant.

The error is on the hud and under messages. I have an older pixhawk and compass/gps and I have never had this error. Yes I am using the latest M.P.

Reloaded ver 3.1.5 and this solved the problem. So something is funky with the board as people had commented that there was a problem with the manufacturing of the Pixhawk from July to Dec 2014