PreArm: Compass not healthy

Hello Experts,
Can any one help me with this ? I am new to drone world so excuse me for silly question.
I am getting an error message when i am trying to set up APM planner "PreArm: Compass not healthy " and don’t know how to fix it.

Re-calibrate the compass away from any metalic structures and with clear sky view (good GPS reception)

Good day,
just keep as much as possible the gps with compass far from metal… electric sources and antennas, sometimes a metal stands can give interferences

Thanks Amilcarlucas and Dave for your replies.
I tried calibrating away from magnets and metals but with no luck.
I am getting code 99 error and also not getting any white data points to calibrate it against.

Just try calibrate the compass changing the default in relax and rotate randomly the drone in alle the axis