Pre arm failure Rc3 not neutral

Hi All.
After loading v4.0.7, I now get this pre-arm error, Rc3 not neutral.

It was not a problem in v4. 0.4

I am using spring centered gimbal.
I have done rafio calibration multiple times.

Rc3 trim is set at 1500

It is as if the system does not want to recognize that 1500 is neutral.

I only get this error if arming via app, whilst throttle is centered

If I lower the throttle and arm via app, motors will start.

Also, if I arm by stick by lowering throttle down and right, arming is OK.

So in summary it won’t arm if my stick is in centre.

Is there a parameter to set to tell system that it is OK to arm if stick is in centre?

Thr_behav is set to 7

Any help?

Probably a bug, the correct message should read “pre-arm error, RC3 not idle”.
Set it to idle like you did and it will work fine. Spring centered gimbals for throttle are usually not a good idea, but you are free to configure your system the way you like it.