Pre-arm check: No EKF2 Cores

Hi Guys. I am trying to arm the pixhawk ardupilot. But I am getting an error Pre-arm check: No EKF2 Cores . Does anybody knows how to solve this issue?

You board does not have EKF2 you need to enable EKF3. The problem is that you loaded an old parameter set where EKF2 was enabled.

i am using this pixhawk . Can you guide on how to enable EKF3, using Mission Planer or QGC

How to enable EKF3. Can you give a complete guide on this issue. Thanks


Is the parameter EK2_ENABLE set?

To my knowledge you can use either EKF2 or EKF3, but at least one of them have to be set.

I don’t know what causes this issue, but some parameters you can check if correct would be EK2_IMU_MASK and AHRS_EKF_TYPE.

What version of Arducopter did you install?

I install AC 4.0.3 on pixhawk

EKF2 should be enabled by default on a Pixhawk with 4.0.3. In Mission Planner press the “reset to default” button on the Full Parameter page and it wouldn’t hurt to flash the firmware again. I would update Mission Planner 1st to Latest Beta from the Help screen. Button on the bottom.

If on the other hand you flashed V4.1.0-dev Pixhawk1-1M then only EKF3 is enabled.

Thanks bro. Tomorrow i will try that. Lets see if it works, will update you. Thank you for help n support.

Hi Guys I used the following settings to Enable EKF3.
The error has been solved.
But I m trying to test the motors and its not running. Can anyone help.

Increase the throttle %

To jump back a bit in the thread, the ek2 may have been enabled but failed to properly start. This can happen if there is not enough memory. A common troubleshooting technique would be to disable some memory intensive things and reboot. Try disabling terrain following, reducing the number of ekf cores running, disable smart rtl, or disabling CAN. All of those will save some memory and may allow ek2 to start correctly.

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