Pre-arm-camera not ready

Runcam Phoenix and a Matek H743-Slim.
1st time connecting a camera for UART control to a flight controller and I’m getting this error message. I suppose it could either be Tx/Rx reversed or the Camera is not in UART Control Mode although I did follow the procedure to do that. The serial port is configured for Runcam (26). The Camera and Vtx are working so not sure where the error is. Any thoughts before I unsolder some stuff?

Most likely the camera is not in UART mode. You can switch the tx/rx without resoldering if that is the problem

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Ah right (Tx/Rx switch). Thanks!

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Same problem here. I checked RX/TX. RunCam Split 4.

I don’t know what is wrong VTx working correctly

What board is this on?

MATEK H743-WING V3, really strange.

On thing I have found is that the flight controller and camera need to be powered up together. If the camera is powered up separately then often the flight controller won’t detect it. I haven’t been able to work out whether this is hardware or software.

I power up camera from board, do it’s ok.

This is with a battery right? These cameras need more current than USB can provide and not all the supplies on the Matek can provide enough (or even work with USB)

Yeah, from battery. But why vtx work correctly? This make no sense for me…

Try SERIAL8_BAUD 57 - not sure this will help but I have no idea what is going on

Would the board boot delay help, so the camera boots up first?

Maybe - worth trying