Ppm setup with ezuhf diversity receiver help please?

hi folks

ok, i have apm2.6 on a wing. control is ezuhf deiversity rx connected to apm with servo wires in channels, 1,2 &3 for elevons and motor, 5&6 for pan and tilt camera servos, and 8 for flight mode control.

it all works fine, the wing is autotuned and flies like a dream. in short i’m delighted with my first foray into APM.

however, i’m having issues with my video tx and need to seperate things a but more than at the moment so i’d like to use ppm to connect the ezuhf rx to APM so i only have 1 wire running between them.

is it straightforward to do this without destroying my existing settings and setup?

any help/pointers would be much appreciated



I recently switched my openlrsng from pwm to ppm. All I did was remove the unnecessary wires, fit the jumper cap on thecapm and reconfigure the openlrs to send the ppm signal.
Didn’t change any tuning parameters but did redo the radio calibration.

Flew perfectly first time.