Powering with ubec

I recently added the 3d robotics current sensor which powers the Arduflyer Board v2.5. Before I was using two separate Ubecs: One for my Dragonlink Rx and the other for the Ardfulyer Board.
I have read that it is much more reliable if you power just the Arduflyer board with addons separate from rx and servos. So I only connected my signal wires to the Arduflyer and the pos/neg wires to the Dragonlink rx (That ran off of the Dragonlink power rail, which was powered by the one of the Ubecs)
I am finding that I have wires everywhere and am thinking there must be a simpler way. I was planning to power the board and addons by the current sensor then run a Ubec to the Dragonlink rx. I have all of the power to the servos still running from the Dragonlink rx (6- 9g HXT servos). Is there an easier way???

I would put the Dragonlink on a totally separate power system. Maybe post a picture of your spagetti.

Here is what the main compartment looks like. I was able to get the Dragonlink setup via PPM so that helped some to reduce the number of wires. I am receiving some glitching in my head tracker servos. Noticed that when the 3dr and minimosd cables were near the servo wires they would glitch like crazy.

For some reason I cannot attach a picture. Tried rescaling and saving in 5 different formats…

If you go into the edit mode in your post, there is an editing button that says “Img”. You can use that button to insert an image/picture.