Powering the APM board with 12S battery

one questions about powering the apm board. I am using Tiger U11 motors to power my quadcopter. The fact is I have to use 12S Lipo battery to power the motors and to get enough thrust.
How can I power the apm board using the power module ?? I also want to monitor my battery from arducopter ground station. how can I do that? If I want to use a separate battery pack say 3S for powering the APM board then I can not monitor my original battery. :frowning: can anyboady please help me??

I’ve used the instructions here (copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … nt-sensor/) when using 6S batteries. Not sure if it can handle the current in your system though.

Thanks dazzab. I’m also considering the cell. The won’t be that high. Four motors would draw 140Amp. But the problem is how can I use a 12S to power the APM.

Well, I use a separate 5v BEC connected to the APM input rail to do that. I think some people draw 5V power from one of the motor BECs but I like to use a dedicated BEC to power my APMs or Pixhawks.

I also want to monitor my battery from the mission planner … The power module does this job. I want to know how can I do that??

If you are planning on using the Attopilot sensor then the instructions on how to hook it up to an APM/Pixhawk are on the wiki link in my first post of this thread.

Thank you dazzab. but Can I use it for a 12S Lipo? They are recommending it for 6S.