Powering retract servos from receiver

I am currently building a new copter and have the power setup like this:
4s primary battery to motor esc and 5v 6A BEC, which powers the APM 2.6 through the input pins as all outputs are used by motors (x8 build).
The apm powers a X8R FrSky reciever via sbus.
Now i want to add 2 retract servos for landing gear, is it OK to power them directly from the receiver or should they be powered by separate battery or at least separate ubec connected to the main battery?
The servos are small, 9 or 15 grams i think.
Thanks for any input.

I have the same question. And if you power the retract servos with a separate UBEC can you use the servo power bar on the X8R or do you need to power the retract servos direct?


It is better to power the servos with a BEC.
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … o_an_APM2x