Powering a Turnigy TGY-iA6C receiver to an APM model 2.8

I’m trying to get a friend’s copter flying. It has an APM 2.8 controller and a Turnigy TGY-iA6C receiver. I also have a Turnigy Evolution TX. When I plug in a LiPo battery to power the APM, ESCs, and Receiver I get no power to the receiver.

To rule out a problem with the APM I connected a Spektrum PPM receiver and all went well. I was able to fly the copter with my DX9 TX. However, when I replace the Spektrum receiver with the Turnigy RX the Turnigy RX does not power on.

What confuses me is I can power the Turnigy RX through a connection to a seperate ESC powered with a 3S Lipo battery. This is how I originally bound the Turnigy RX to the Turnigy TX.

When I plug the APM into my computer and use Mission Planner to configure the copter, the Turnigy RX lit up and I was able to communicate with the Turnigy Evolution.

I’m using Input Port 1 for both the Turnigy and Spectrum receivers and I have Ports 2 and 3 jumpered so the APM knows it is PPM receiver.

Has anyone else had a problem powering a TGY-iA6C receiver to an APM, and if so were you able to solve the problem?