Powering a Pixhawk. Newbie Question

Hi all

I am new to the Pixhawk controller so please excuse these newbie questions

If I have read it correctly the correct way to power a Pixhawk is to use their power module connected to the power port and this supplies the 5v for the Pixhawk and voltage and current sensing and that any ESC’s connect should either be the OPTO type or they should all have their red power leads removed from the plug.

Now the question is as the Pixhawk can also get its power from the ESC/Servo connections would it not be ok to run the Pixhawk from a BEC equiped ESC and not use their purpose made power module

Or haw about using the module and a BEC equipt ESC for power redundancy.

And lastly why not all 4 ESC’d with BEC enabled.

Cant get my head around why its not a good idea to use all BEC equipped ESC’s after all 5 volts is 5volts you can have 4 devices supplying 5 volts and the total voltage would still be 5 volts, as long as the ESC’s are not switching types.

Sorry about these questions, I have been all through the documentation and can’t find the reason why not.



Hello Paul-

I actually came here w/the exact same question as yours. I found a reference on this website that appears to indicate that what you suggested is possible and fine. Link is here:

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … e-pixhawk/

I may do this as well because configuring for the power module cable is a challenge on the quadcopter I am putting together. Good luck w/yours.