Power surge from the battery connector wiped out accelerometer calibration and reset my parameters & nuked my Airspeed sensor

Hi all,
Today i learnt a new lesson about the severity of a power surge!!

I was testing my camera on my plane equipped with OmnibusF4ProV3 running Arduplane.I have a huge low esr 2200uf cap between the omnibusF4 and ESC.Somehow i didn’t push my battery connector all the way in and it was barely touching.While i moving my plane,it made few intermittent connections and i heard sparks from the connector and boom…it destroyed my MS4525 digital airspeed sensor which i was feeding from the 5v output of the board.That surge also wiped out accelerometer calibration and reset my parameters.GPS and dragonlink receiver which are also fed from the same 5v rail ,seems to be fine as both GPS and Receiver have their own inbuilt voltage regulators.

I think the reason behind that surge is the high capacitance 2200uf cap which made high current flow .Maybe i should get anti-spark battery connectors.Now i am worrying about the reliabilty of the FC board electronics due to this abuse.Any suggestions please?