Power reduced to idle to make descents while in AUTO

When I pass through a waypoint and the next waypoint it is a lower altitude, the autopilot reduces the power to almost off until the target altitude is reached. Then it throttles back up again and resumes smoothly.

Is there a parameter I can adjust so that the autopilot does not reduce the throttle so much for descents?

I am not using an airspeed sensor.



You can adjust THR_MIN or TECS_SINK_MIN parameters.

Then again, is there any reason you want to stop it from reducing throttle to idle? It’s the quickest way to reach the target altitude. The aircraft will maintain the correct speed regardless of throttle.

Thanks James, I’ll increase THR_MIN from zero (0) to 20% and try it.

I like to carry a little power at all times - especially when making sharp turn toward a waypoint at a lower altitude - in a turn the plane loses altitude quickly. I chose 20% in the hope that it is just past the point where the windmilling prop acts like a brake.

Took a test flight and it turns out that I will bump it to 25% - that should do it.

Thanks again.