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Power off in the air

Sir I’m sure my ESC capable for my motor and also battery little bit like 86% on 100throttle and by mistake today I solder on sensor to add big wire but unfortunately his burn it out (some little pest stuck on pad and that time I can’t see this stuck pest after burning i was realize) , so now I’m buying new sensor ? And which one is best ? { And old is give to our city big microchip seller for looking that burn ic }

Motor data and I’m using 40A ESC i think his running smoothly :thinking:

And I’m using 2 3s battery each battery is 10400mah and 20C and some time is heated like 50 to 60’c


I’m using 340kv on 1855 props

I think 2 x3S battery are not enough for your drone. The max power from a 2x3 or a 1x6S voltage are 25.2, so with the power you need at 100% thr, you will be out of power very soon if you see the chart, your motors need 24V minimum to run ok. Did you measure the battery after the crash?

There is no evidence of this in the log. The average motor outputs are ~1550 pwm at hover with a throttle out ~.30. Nothing wrong with power/weight.

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Yes sir , my custom battery work a normal like a 6s battery pack and after crash , first think my battery is over but I’m fail battery is still 24.5v because I’m not used more battery in that day. Here is a first flight , no problem but second flight is game changer.

And you can see that after takeoff payload copter change “yah” and after some second stable in normal position before tack off payload

So what’s wrong with my copter , can you tell me plz ???

I don’t see anything in the log to indicate the failure.

Sorry sir I’m disable all safety reason like BRD_SAFTYENABLE = 0 set in my case also set ARMING_CHECK = 0 so I think can’t write parameters in sd card I’m right ?

To help you we need you enable your log recording, without that we are just asuming. Add to that the power sensor.

If you have measure your battery on the ground and give you 24.5, im pretty sure in the air with the payload, your battery was on 23.X. on the flight the voltage go down and the amps go up.

Thats what we need to check, and without log, we are blind here.

Ok sir I will enable the BRD_SAFTYENABLE = All , and sir which sensor buy now ?

What flight cotroller are you using?

Sorry, I was looking at the wrong log. It wasn’t clear to me that Moksh had hijacked the thread.

Pixhawk 2.4.8 , and mr Dave sir what are you talking i can’t understand plz free tell me because my English not powerful , i hope you understand :slightly_smiling_face:

I responded to your post while looking at Alberto’s log. My mistake. Post a link to your .bin file log or start a new thread with your issues rather than posting in this thread.

Sir can you say freely because google not translet any time.

@Moksh, can you pls creat a new threath to keep looking you problem, because here now is confusing when someone talk to me or you.

Create a new post with all the data you have and you videos, and let us know here with the link.


I had the same problem with a pixhawk v1. It was because I used a 5v power supply that couldn’t keep up the amp draw and dropped in voltage. This caused my autopilot to reboot.
Now I always use castle creations ubec.

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Hi @aprich, yes, the same happend to me one time, and to aviod it, im using very strong electronics. To measure de volt and amps, and power the cube, im using Mauch Electornics, like this one.


Ok I’m understand no data log = nothing , right ?
And also last power module is burn it out so now which one is best for me ?

This is what you need:

Be sure to select the cables for your pix

You have to chose 200A Sensor


Thank you sir , we will be meet as soon as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

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