Power Loss issues when armed, but not when ESC / motor calibration

I am currently building a large scale drone. I am using the Pixhawk 2.4.8 currently. Long story short, I am having motor issues, but only after arming. I have run into Potential Thrust Loss. The funny thing is it onlt happens after arming. When I run a ESC / Motor calibration, all motors appear to function properly. Also, despite arming and working (however badly), the motors do not reapond to a “Motor Test”.

Any insight into possible issues?

You’ll need to post your parameters and what escs/motors you’re using

And if the copter has no props or is tied down it will obviously produce that error.

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Duh…you’re right. When in esc / motor calibration, it knows there are no blades. However, when armed (assuming a flight), the motors, esc, etc assume blades are attached. Spinning at high speed with np resistance…poof.