Potentiometer as feedback

I have a project going on were I would like to use the apm 2.5 as a controller board for a small boat.

I have an car esc connected to a brushless motor which then runs a gear box(Mostly like a servo) to achieve sufficient strength and an external potentiometer for feedback. The potentiometer gives me 0.1V when rudder is fully left and 4.9 when rudder is fully right.

So as a start i would like to just to implement that i can control the rudder with the aileron stick on my radio and that all attitudes, etc values are logged to the computer through the mavlink, i.e no regulation.

So do I best start with the apm rover code and how do i modify it to incoroperate the external feedback of the rudder? Which of teh many files should i modify?

Any help would be great.

Cheers Kim

I don’t know what sort of boat you have, but I strongly recommend using a servo rather than implementing your own. They can be quite insanely strong, if you need that.

Well, I havent seen any 1kw servos around yet.