"Potential trust loss" warning when testing strapped to a table [solved]

I’m trying to setup pixhawk 2.4.8 with arducopter firmware and since I’ve flashed 4.0.4 getting potential trust loss message is there any way to disable that function ? I’m just worried that it will make my drone crash as it slows down motors while I’m testing it on table
Regards Thomas

You are getting that message because you are testing on a table. It’s not a “function” that you disable. Testing on the table is mostly useless. It will tell you if the motors run, what order and what direction. That’s it.

But should it slow down motors? Sometimes it slows down one of motors to point where you can stop it with fingers

It can tell it’s not flying, there’s only so much you can test without actually flying.
You can use stabilise mode and test that the correct motors speed up or slow down when you manually tilt the craft.

No, why would it? It’s a common misunderstanding of how closed loop control works. The only way you will have direct control over the motors is with a Motor Test function. Mission Planner and ESC configurators have such a function.

So I’ve tested it during flight and does exactly same thing like without props one motor slows down then it crashes it’s always motor number 2 which looses thust. Motors are brand new emax 2212 920kv esc makerhut blheli32

Dis it perform correctly in Motor Test with respect to motor order and direction?