Potential Thrust Loss Issues


Recently repaired our drone, ironically named Uncrashable, after a crash some time ago. Updated firmware, went through the setup steps outlined in the Wiki, finished manual PID tuning for Pitch and Roll, and set the filters up.

Took it out side for some verification and performance flights as all the indoor flights in the warehouse visually and through logs looked and performed well. Launched in AltHold and flew around a little bit while climbing to 30 feet or so, checked that we had good EKF and a GPS position lock on both GPS units before enabling Loiter. After enabling the drone experienced a wobble and potential thrust loss (4) and (8).

If anyone has insight on how to troubleshoot the issue the help would be greatly appreciated.

Included are the parameters from the bird as well as the log of the crash flight.

We fly a custom drone running the ArduCopter software on a CubeOrange.
We are using U8 Lite KV150 motors from T-Motor in an octo-quad formation.
We were flying a payload right around 8lbs total.
Wind speeds were between 5-7mph during the flight.

Any ideas or info is much appreciated, thanks!