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Potential Thrust Loss error

Why pixhawk give me Potential Thrust Loss error durring first etap landing with speed >= 2m/s?

when WPNAV_SPEED_DN < 150cm/s then all is ok.

I have the same problem. Arducopter 4.0 firmware
I have done each and everything like compass calibre, radio and ESC calibration many times to get rid off
But no luck than I changed my simonk ESC’s as well as motors , I have 2212 920 kv ready to sky motor but again no luck
Finally after 2days i erase firmware 4.0 in my cheap pixhawk clone and custom install firmware 3.6.9 and everything works fine like a charm

Please post log here!

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Copter-4.0 includes some additional reporting and improvements to handle motor failures. It’s possible that we could remove the message for quadcopters (that can’t do much about a motor thrust loss as far as I know) but on the other hand it may be an indication of a real problem (like a motor imbalance) so as @Mallikarjun_SE says an onboard log file would be good to see.

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I’ll try next time when on my desktop, actually I am in government job so occasionally and typically have time for my own hobby
I read in a topic that an hexacopter (may be yours) got crash and it would be saved if flight controller sense it on time or could land as quadcopter so this improvement in copter 4.0 will help in motor failure like situation

I’m study and rebuild firmware for my prototype ( Dron as paraglider drive ) and found this problem when speed down is high :slight_smile:
when drone go down and command is stoping drop, or move up then controller gives full throttle (inside firmware variable) ant if drone still go down after 1s then is raported as Potential Thrust Loss. I changed it from 1s to 2s and now all works perfectly.

line is in crash_check.cpp file

// Code to detect a thrust loss main ArduCopter code
#define THRUST_LOSS_CHECK_TRIGGER_SEC 2 // 2 second descent while level and high throttle indicates thrust loss

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