`Potential Thrust Loss (3)`


  1. Propellers attached to the drone

2) when powering with the transmitter.
3) when the throttle bar is at the top.
The thrust of the engines decreases by themselves and gives the error Potential Thrust Loss (3) MissionPlanner.

There is no problem when powering from BLHeliSuite32 software and MP engine test section, it continues to power at full throttle.
Is this problem because I am powering it without the propeller?

yes im getting this message when i arm my quadcopter and increase throttle without propellers you can use motor test option in mission planner

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Thank you so muchhhh

Ya this isn’t unusual.
Happens to me all the time. The PID loop isn’t working right and so the machine throws an error.
You need to test the motors in Mission planner like stated earlier. you can test arm it this way, but it will give you errors.

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