Potential thrush lost

A message saying “potential thrush lost” appears. Does this mean that the battery size is smaller than the aircr

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When exactly did this appear? What was the craft doing?

As a situation, it comes out when the throttle is raised about 50%.
The battery is a 3 cell 2200mah and the aircraft is an F550. Messages such as potential thrush lost (1) and (3) (5) are displayed. -

Post a link to the .bin log file.

A 3s 2200mah battery is really small for a 550 craft

That’s for sure. I have 6S 5000mah battery on my 500 13" prop quad and it could handle a lot more battery capacity in weight before I’m at 2:1 thrust/weight. Thinking about doing just that as it’s been a bit squirrely to tune.

Is a 4-cell 10,000mAh battery sufficient?

Before than can be answered describe the craft and it’s components (motors, props, all-up-weight).

The aircraft is F550, the motor is “2212 920KV”, the ESC is 30A and the weight is about 2kg.

What is the prop size?

The size of the propeller is “1045”.

By the way, I rotated the motor with the propeller removed, and the message “potential thrush lost” appeared.
Now, if I turn it with the propeller attached, the message of potential thrush lost does not appear so far.
Is there something to do?

That configuration is over weight/under powered. 4S would get it closer to optimum thrust /weight. But no way could you use a 4S 10,000mah battery, it’s too heavy.

How about 3 cell 2800mah?

If that craft is 2kg it’s already too heavy with the 3S battery you have so a larger capacity (heavier) of the same power(3S) will be worse. Even if you used a 4S battery it would have to be a small of of equivalent weight to what you have now to get the thrust/weight correct. You need to go to 4S and lose some weight. What you really need are lower kV motors and larger props.

understood. Does the message “potential thrush lost” appear if the motor is rotated with the propellers removed?

Sure it does. Motor output and no change in acceleration will trigger that warning.

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Well, if there is enough thrust to leave the ground it will. But testing a multirotor on the bench doesn’t tell you much other than the motors turn and in what direction.

Thank you for always replying. That helps a lot.
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Sorry, I don’t do social networking but happy to help.

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