Possibility of camera upgrade?

I’m wondering about the possibility of upgrading the camera to a higher resolution sensor - whether the sonix board would support something different, and whether it is even physically feasible.

I’ve watched the teardown video that’s on youtube, but it is hard to tell about the physical connections.


You can see the list of sensors that are supported here:

but you’d also need a new IQ.BIN, and you’d have the problem of the amount of memory available. There is about 2MByte free. Good luck with it!

Hi tridge, I took a look on github at this .config file. It has a long list for camera sensors. Amongst all listed, which ones have been tested and verified to “fly”? Besides the memory limitation you already mentioned, are their any other hardware limitations for a sensor capable of 1080p?

I guess what I’m really asking is if you are aware of any work done to support 1080p camera.

never mind. on board IC “SONiX SN98671 series multimedia SoC integrates powerful image sensor processing, maximum 720p30 + 720p30”…

well… 98671 and 98762(1080p capable) seem pin compatible …

The only tested one is the one that comes with the skyviper.
Sonix have probably tested the other cameras, but I haven’t tested anything with the ArduPilot build except the one that comes with it.