"Position Required" Error in Pos Hold & Rtrn to Launch

RESOLVED (for now)! The issue I was having below has been resolved (for now at least). I’m not sure anything I did resolved it, however, here was the process I went through in case anyone else has a similar issue. I connected to Mission Planner, Data Tab and did the Pre-Arm Safety Check diagnostics described here . Noticed my EKF was red in color on HUD. Clicked on it and a pop-up window appeared showing a variance in both position and velocity. That suggested to me, something was wrong with my EKF ( I had EK3 enabled by default). Started searching to see what EKF parameters i could change. found out I could change to EK2. Which I did. Issue still existed. Attempted to disable all EKFs. Quad wouldn’t arm and got EK2 not started error message. So, that didn’t work. I went back and re-enabled EK3. Changed EK3_CHECK_SCALE from default of 100 to 200. Power cycled the quad a few times. Bingo! Was then able to change mode to Position Hold for first time (after many, many attempts). I do not know if changing the EK3_CHECK_SCALE was THE solution (if it actually did anything or not). However, that is the only thing that is different now than what it was previously. No more red color EKF in Mission Planner HUD.

ORIGINAL ISSUE: Unfortunately, I do not have logs yet for more specific diagnostics.
Just wondering if there’s a known “mostly likely” cause of getting the error of:
flight mode change failed - requires position
when changing to Position Hold or Return to Launch

GPS seems good with about 10-11 sat’s, HDOP is < 2 (on desktop) and compass is working and calibrated.
GPS/compass module is Matek M8Q 5883
Flight controller is Matek H743 Mini with 4.1 bdshot copter firmware

Would changing to EKF2 from EKF3 help in any way? Any other suggestions (parameters or otherwise)?
Thank you