Position hold and GPSHDOP

I have general question to the developers. Why switching to the Position-hold mode must accomplish GPSHDOP limit? The position hold is the same mode as Loiter, isn’t it? Except the movement control. If there is GPS fix, I can switch to the Loiter mode at any time. In Lopiter mode I can change position, slowly but I can. If I can switch Loiter at “any time”, why there is additional mandatory limit GPSHDOP? It make no sense. Either in both modes, or nowhere.

I always thought it was in any GPS based mode, I’ve certainly treated it that way.

Yeah that’s my understanding too. The way I see it if it didn’t someone would get complacent relying on GPS mode and get them self in trouble. At least that’s the case for arming in GPS modes. I guess it stays in stab if arming was before GPS fix and taking off in stab?

sent from my phone so apologies for any typos

Hi, I know, that both Modes use the same rules to switch on. When I finished with Alt-Hold setup, I changed the mode to Loiter a made small parameter modifications. I was surprised, that I can’t change position (until i read the manual more deeply :slight_smile: ) Then I enabled Pos-Hold mode. I switched these modes (Loiter/Pos-Hold) many times and I am near sure, that I was able set Loiter, but not Pos-Hold. It can happend, tha satelite positions changed and HDOP was near the limit value.


The log should tell you what modes did and didn’t engage properly and gps status depending on what the recording level is set to.

Post it if you want and we can take a look.