POS Hold Stopped Working


I’m having an issue that didn’t exist until I installed a 3DR PM. The problem though is not reversible by uninstalling the PM. So maybe it is coincidental and not really related to what the problem is. The problem is that my quad copter will fly fine in Stable mode, but if I switch to POS Hold I get a condition where the power seems reduced and the quad barely wants to lift off. Things that I’ve tried…

  1. I re-flashed the AMP2.6 to get back to a clean baseline and then went through the reconfiguration process.

Same behavior

  1. I replaced the 3DR GPS module thinking that it was faulty although nothing in AMP Planner indicated that it was bad.

Same behavior

I have a log file but I haven’t figured how to use the charting features to understand what the problem is. At this point I suspect that the AMP2.6 is having a hardware problem since two different GPS units won’t work.

What should I try next ?

try to keep throttle between 40-60%