Poor Loiter Performance with Y6

Hey all,

I seem to have plenty of satellites and the HDOP didn’t look too bad but I was getting so much drift with loiter. Does anything stick out in the logs?

Thanks, 2016-09-18 14-17-10.bin (2.8 MB)

Well you only have 10 stats so it seems you have an old GPS, I don’t fly with any less the 17. You also seem to have high vibs so that might be an issue.

yeah the vibes did look kinda high. You think that makes a bigger difference than the satellites?

Considering you can pickup a GPS that will give you double the sat count for $20 I dont know why you would not.

I also think your vibs are affection your altitude control and most likely your position holding.

Okay. I haven’t purchased a GPS that wasn’t 3dr ever, could you perhaps recommend what to look for? I’ll have to make a custom wire harness correct?