Plz Help ! Auto mode not working!

hi ,
I am using apm 2.6 plane ardupilot
and I test it with manual mode many times it works good ,
but when i set the mode to auto I faced many problems such as :

when I change the mode ti Auto the throttle reduced and not response to the waypoints !
And I can’t test auto mode in the ground .

I need good information in mode setting and related setting .

dose there any way to test auto mode in ground ?
In what situation auto mode causes throttle low or fail?
Dose it important to use Airspeed for auto mode ?
what I need to do to verify my parameter list works success ?
A maybe helpful information about Auto parameter list

going to be crazy … plz don’t left without comment .


What version of ArduPlane firmware are you using?

hi @TCIII ,

and thankx for interest

I am using ArduPlane firmware 2.6 , which i think compatible with my Ardupilot

Where did you get ArduPlane firmware version 2.6 from?
Why are you using version 2.6 which is around 5 years old and is no longer supported by the ArduPlane Wiki?


I use the 2.6 firmware coz I think it’s compatible with my ardupilot controller.

should I use another newer firmware ? As I read firmware latest version is for Pixhawak …

I would be grateful if you provided me with the necessary information

Regards .

The current version (3.4) will run on APM2.5/2.6/2.8 boards

@MarkM ,

Ok I will use the latest firmware , But is that will solve my problem with Auto mode ?

It may, it may not.

Ideally you will need to upgrade, re-calibrate everything, turn logging up quite high and then attempt another auto flight.

Without a log it’s a bit difficult to diagnose anything.

@MarkM ,

I download the latest firmware and upgrade it , re-calibrate everything . will fly tomorrow.

my question is , Dose there any way to test the Auto mode in the ground and home ? to ensure that my steps in the right way ?

Thank you both for interaction and guidance.

you cant test auto mode at home but you can check with shortest flight like just make small waypoint.
within 5 miter n altitude 3 meter. it will help to get better understanding.

@MarkM ,

OK . but when I upgrade the firmware to 3.4 there is no GPS lock .


good way to test , Can you tell me the reason that Auto mode not working in ground , what it need to work ?