Plugging in battery with radio off, failsafe initiated

Safety question:

When i plug in the battery to my plane with the radio off, failsafe gets initiated and the prop will spin up.

this is very dangerous. Am i missing some sort of arming procedure?

frsky l9r rx, i’m sending no pulses for the failsafe scenario.

thank you

I had the same issue, but adopting the safety approach of turning the transmitter on first solves it.

I also programmed my receiver to output a immediate output failsafe values of 1500pwm on ail, ele, rud and 900pwm on thr (above radio failsafe) when first powered up with or without the tx switched on. However, it also has a setting to stop sending pwm signals on loss of transmitter contact so thr failsafe still works when flying.

yeah, i always try to be cautious. I was just wondering if there was another failsafe i could add in, for some double protection.

thanks for the input,

what rx do you have that has that capability?

OrangeRX OpenLRS (uhf) receiver.

Very configurable using the OpenLRSng configurator.


i just did some more reading, i did not see this this morning

in Arm Checks to Peform (bitmask) (ARMING_CHECK)

it looks like if you set it to 64 - RC failsafe, it might accomplish what i’m looking for.

i’ll test tonight.

thanks again for the help. I’m preparing to maiden my zephry 3, i’ve flown apm on a mini talon and a skywalker, but never on a wing before.

I ended up not using the elevon mixer in apm b/c it doesn’t allow you to sub trim your servos, or at least not what i could find.