Please suggest me better motor/prop for giant plane

I have a plane with 26 kgs of the total weight, I use 2x Dualsky XM5060EA V3 550KV motors with 16x8E props, 6S 16P, 50Ah battery pack (4840 grams) with NCR18650GA cells, I flying long-range (80-90 km) with an average speed of 22 - 25 m/sec.
Looks like I wrongly selected the motors/props while I can’t feed enough with energy at the takeoff. The motors consuming up to 200 - 220 Amps total in the first few minutes until reaching the cruise altitude (500 - 1000 m). I need to use 100% throttle, else the plan doesn’t take off. The issues: cables hot, battery hot, battery lost a lot of charges, don’t enough to fly the planned 80 - 90 km range.
I want to extend also the range and make a much better takeoff.
Please suggest me a better motor/prop configuration.
Any advice welcome, if you fly with a giant plan to long-range then here is the time to exchange our experiences.

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It’s too light, do the math with motor constructor or provider. What this plane is supposed to do ?
You need around 6000 W and you have only 4000W with this setup. Something like Rimfire 50cc or 65cc + 24x10 or 24x15 and 12s would be better. You will hit 100/120 Amps or similar during take off even with catapult …