Please show me your component layout

This is my current build that I want to make smaller and transfer to a carbon body.

Is it best to have the Pixhawk on its own or can it be above or below other components like an esc or a pdb? I think I read it should be 10mm away from the esc.

Is it best to have the Pixhawk upright or is upside down fine?

Will it help to cover the esc or pdb with foil in the hopes to reduce electrical noise escaping?

I am changing to seperate ESC’s so I will have a pdb next version.

What I want to do:
Have a base and a ‘roof’. So the classic box without sides. 150mm x 150mm.

Double sided tape the pdb to the base

Runcam split 2 electronics above the pdb on spacers.

Then turn the pixhawk upside down and double side tape it to the roof.

Battery on top of the roof.

Legs super glue + cable tie on the bottom of the body. I am just worried that making holes in a carbon sheen will damage it.

Gimbal on base.