Please share a link of a previous version of BLheli suite


Can someone please share a link to a previous version of BLheli 32 suite that works with the current stable firmware?

I think the stable release is 4.0.7. The new one only works with the beta firmware, 4.0.10

I am trying to solve a problem and it might be an esc problem or a motor problem.

I am using this esc

The latest version of BLheli does not detect any ESC’s with the beta firmware and the latest version can’t connect through the stable release of the firmware.

The latest version of BLHelisuite works fine with the Stable 4.0.7. You likely have another problem.

I suspect I read about some issue with the Turnigy BLHELI ESCs, I think they were just stopping mid-flight. It could be time to try a different brand and see if you get the same issues.


I get this error using the latest suite and 4.0.7 when I click on read setup

Found outdated 4way-interface revision v20.0.0.3
Please update "Ardupilot firmware to the most recent revision.
(4way-interface v20.0.0.5 or higher)

When I update the firmware to beta 4.0.10 the error goes away but I get tons of errors in mission planner so I can’t use 4.0.10

Xfacta which ESCs do you use? According to the motor manufacturer my motors should pull around 30A with a 12 x 3.8. I am thinking a 50A should give me enough headroom.

I’ve had success with the Holybro Tekko32 F3 4in1 45A and 65A Metal - both have been stress tested (or at least used extensively) without issue. I know when they say “45 Amps” these Holybro 4in1 ESCs are meant to do 45 Amps per ESC channel, so that would be 45x4=180Amps, however that would likely exceed the current capacity of the whole board. Actual specifications are yet to be found.

I know other people have been using the Aikon AK32Pro ESC and there’s probably plenty more reliable alternatives.

I don’t know what that is. Current Stable is 4.0.7 Current Beta is 4.1.0beta6 and latest Dev is 4.2.0-Dev.

Yea, I have been using Aikon ESC’s for some years. No failures. I have an Aikon AK32PIN V2 which is a 20x20 form factor and performance is good.

Looks like a really nice ESC.
Stupid question. If the ESC is rated for 50A is that total or is that per motor?

This is how my mission planner list of firmware looks when I click on Beta

It has been years since I last used BLHeli suite but I found this old version ( on my PC, maybe it can be helpful.

Thank you for this. You don’t maybe have BLHeli 32?

Which ESC’s do you use and which firmware on them?

I tried another PC and I am a little further now it seems. I am running Mission Planner as admin and also BLHeli suite 32. Maybe that helps someone in the future.

BLHeli suite 32 starts and it can connect to Ardupilot running firmware 4.0.7. It connects now at least. I will post another topic about the next step

50A per motor.

Sure but the latest Beta version will be flashed. Today if you hit that icon it will be beta6