Please help set up

After set up on mt 2.8 it worked fine plugged in to my computer, after I unplugged it it will not arm. This is driving me crazy. Any input please.

Do you armed it with Mission Planner via USB?
Was your rc calibration successful?
Per default the APM does a Pre-Arm check, if any sensor or value is not working properly it will not arm.
When you are connected to Mission Planner while you try to arm your copter you get a message in the HUD.

Do have any logs on the APM? If yes, you can upload it here. It really helps a lot.


I got it ti arm, and it face plants every time. This is on a HMFY600 Try copter.

Well thats a start :wink:
It happend to me once or maybe two times!

You can now load the logs from the APM and upload them.

Check your direction of the props and the connection from ESCs to the APM.

You will need to post the logs from the APM before we could guess at what you problem is.
Are all the motors going in the right direction?
Are the clockwise and counter clockwise props on the correct motors?
Have you calibrated the ESC’s?
Have you calibrated all the other sensors?
When connected via USB is the HUD level?
When you try to take off are you doing it slowly?

The more information you provide the more help you can get.

How do I find the reveres in the AMP to set it up?

I am not sure what you mean…
maybe this information will help you:

for direction of sticks and response of motors. It is set up correct, I try to fly forward it goes backwards.

Try to reverse your pitch channel.

But now you should upload the logs from your flight attempt
That helps a lot to get to the problem.


It never came off off the ground. it just face planted.And now all it says is bad calibration.Wont let me have the log, this is crazy. Going to reinstall M.P.

what came up in log.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 200 3b9a4872-4335-428f-a939-3aab035b148e 697e311f-5fc7-4941-9a2a-c48209f7f779 baef0d97-924a-41ce-a305-3f21f189c7db f1d57caa-e209-4fd5-a956-d1215b72dec2 115200 roll|pitch|nav_roll|nav_pitch| GoogleSatelliteMap COM5 115200 ArduCopter2 false 12/22/2016 3 12/22/2016 12/22/2016 39.9735305 -84.1855821 17.574 776 1296 Maximized -8 -8 358 12/17/2016 C:\Users\Custom\Documents\Mission Planner\logs True False 14550 None Feet mph 2 False 39.9735374450684 -84.1856155395508 271.510009765625 6.56167984008789 45 100 Relative 0 GEO True True Armed Disarmed False <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <DisplayView xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""> <displayName>Basic</displayName> <displaySimulation>false</displaySimulation> <displayTerminal>false</displayTerminal> <displayDonate>true</displayDonate> <displayHelp>true</displayHelp> <displayAnenometer>true</displayAnenometer> <displayAdvActionsTab>false</displayAdvActionsTab> <displaySimpleActionsTab>true</displaySimpleActionsTab> <displayStatusTab>false</displayStatusTab> <displayServoTab>false</displayServoTab> <displayScriptsTab>false</displayScriptsTab> <displayAdvancedParams>false</displayAdvancedParams> <displayFullParamList>false</displayFullParamList> <displayFullParamTree>false</displayFullParamTree> <isAdvancedMode>false</isAdvancedMode> </DisplayView> 115200

Hello Terry
that not really what I meant. Where did you get it?
You should get .log file from the APM. You have to upload the whole file not just the text.

Did you follow these instructions?


It was a bad flight controller, it fly’s great with my new board. Thank you for your help in finding the right log.

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