Please help: MCU selection question for design

I want to make my own flight controller, I am struggling to pick out the best board to start with. Eventually I want to have a cad spin and order a printed PCB, but in the mean time I want to begin with an assembled MCU and or MPU.

Right now I am leaning towards starting with the Arduino due, but the beagle bone black looks really tempting. after reading further it seems the BBB would be a mistake as its not in realtime, so it may be great to interface it as an extra, but not as the FC.

The arduino due however is slower than the specs of the PX4, making me think it will be lacking.

Any body have a better idea than the due?

My thought process in this selection has been:
All other arduinos < Arduino Due
Rasberry pi < Beaglebone black
Beaglebone black <=? Arduino due

Arduino Due < Something I havent seen yet?

Any replies appreciated, i’m not expecting a how to guide, just a couple hints from experience.

The Due is not the best as it doesn’t have the M4 Arm processor with the FPU.

The Beagle Bone Black runs the PRE_EMPT Linux Kernel which is Real-Time Erle Robotics has much more information on this and supplies the PXF Cape autopilot board, which Ardupilot can utilize.

With the ODROID C1+ > RPi2 >> BBB > Due being the order really (All can run PREEMPT real-time extensions (though I don’t know about Due))

For ODROID C1+ and RPi2 there is the NAVIO+ add-on autopilot board for running Ardupilot.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: