Please check the correctness of the parameters RC_PROTOCOLS

Hello developers! Please check the correctness of the parameters in the description RC_PROTOCOLS.

I need to select the SBUS option, this value in the MP is displayed as the number 8 , but in the Complete parameter list this number is 3. Complete Parameter List — Plane documentation (
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Please explain to me if I am mistaken about BITS

It’s a bitmask. If you would have left it at default (all) it would work. Or just check SBUS as you have done.

SBUS works when the parameter is set to 8, but in MP it is a bit at 4 positions. I don’t understand how a bitmask translates numbers
Am I right?

By example:
Fastbus is 10000000000000 (8192 decimal)
Sbus is 00000000001000 (8)
All is 00000000000001 (1)
PPM and SBUS is 00000000001010 (10)

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