Please advise on the unstable movement of the drone.(Video attached)

After basic setting and auto-tuning, the flight test was conducted. I sometimes see shaking like a video, and I want to know the cause and solution of the symptom.

I attached the data file and video.

What motors, props and ESCs do you have?
I guessed 20 inch props.

MOT_SPIN_MIN = 0.15 is too high considering MOT_THST_HOVER = 0.1397567
Set MOT_SPIN_MIN = 0.12
Maybe even add some dummy payload so MOT_THST_HOVER si not close to MOT_SPIN_MIN
And see if you can go a fraction lower on MOT_SPIN_ARM, like 0.9 and still get reliable start up.

INS_ACCEL_FILTER,10 seems too low, use default 20 or maybe go as low as 18 or 15.

Set these
and hover test >1 minute, dont worry about doing too much pitch and roll, then check FFT

Lets see the log from that test, we’ll get some values for the Harmonic Notch Filter, then you can try Autotune again.